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Building Works Materials & Labour Download
PWD(WB)'s Modified Schedule of Rates for Building Works, Materials & Labour (with additional items) new Download PDF Form
PWD Schedules Preface new Download PDF Form
The intending tenderers shall not have to pay the cost of tender documents for the purpose of participating in e-tendering. Download PDF Form
The amendments in the Public Works Department code, as subsequently amended. Download PDF Form
4th Corrigendum to PWD (WB) Schedule of Rates for Building Works (to be effective from 10th December, 2012) Download PDF Form
Schedule of Rates, for Road & Bridge Works 2008-2009
Schedule of Rates

Forward, Preface & Content

General Conditions

General Specification (Including mode of Measurement)

Consumption of Materials

Embankment Works
Soil Compaction & Stabilisation Work
Soil Boring & Testing Works
Bridge & Culvert Works
Repair & Rehabilitation of Bridge
Soling, Edging & Metalling
Bituminous Works
Bridge & Culvert Works
Miscellaneous Works
Loading, Unloading, Stacking & manual carriage works
Road Transportation & Carriage works
Annexure - I: Issue Rates of different materials
Annexure - II: Supply of different materials
Annexure - III: Rates of stone materials
Annexure - IV: Distances from refineries
Annexure - V: Drawings KM Post Plate
Annexure - VI: Useful Table
Corrigenda of Public Works (Roads) Directorate Schedule of Rates, 2012
Corrigenda - 1 Corrigenda - 2 Corrigenda - 3
Corrigenda - 4 Corrigenda - 5 Corrigenda - 6
Corrigenda - 7    

Actual rates are priced items which are available from the Chief Engineer Office Purta Bhavan